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Simple integration of Gallery2 in Dotclear2

Posted at — Jan 1, 2006

This patch is probably completely deprecated. The attached patch enable an integration of Gallery2 images on a Dotclear 2 blog.

The patch is really basic and crude; a plugin might be better but that’s an adaptation from a patch for dotclear 1 :) Nevertheless it’s working well. You can apply it with a simple patch -p1 < dc2-gallery2.patch from the directory of your dotclear2 installation.

It works only for wiki mode and add a new kind of tag: ##folder/image.jpg##

That will put the corresponding image from the gallery in the blog post. You can easily get the path and image name from the Gallery URL of the image you want to insert, without the base path and the html extension. The full tag syntax is similar to regular images:



The patch adds a few parameters available in the gallery section of the about:config of your blog instance: