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May 8, 2021
Actuating Google Production: How Google’s Site Reliability Engineering Team Uses Go

I’ve been happily using Go at Google for my main projects in the last few years - so I’ve written an article about it.

Apr 15, 2021
Mapshot: Factorio mod to create zoomable renders of the game

Mapshot is a Factorio mod and a companion binary creating zoomable maps of a Factorio game. Click on the image for an example: plop

Jun 15, 2014
A simple Lisp interpreter in Go

I’ve written a simple List interpreter in Go - code is available here. It is a toy interpreter, which had a focus on error.

Oct 13, 2011
Javascript fire

A small html5 fire effect I did a couple of months ago. As many can recognize, it’s the classical demo effect that was popular quite some time ago :)

Oct 1, 2011
Doom levels in Minecraft

A small program I wrote, that I forgot to mention here: https://github.com/Palats/wadcraft

It converts Doom level (.wad) to minecraft format (.schematics) Here is a demonstration of what it does:

Sep 4, 2011
Javascript Web Workers Startup

Some explanation and code in order to initialize html5 javascript Web Workers without race conditions - it’s an hardly documented issue afaik.

Jun 25, 2010
Migrating from an IMAP server to Gmail

I started to configure a Google Apps for domains and I want to cleanly migrate existing mails from my server. The wonderful imapsync does all the hard work. However, to have a clean migration to GMail, you need to have the right flags.

Jan 1, 2009
Configuration of my network through an ALIX

That’s old and completely obsolete.

Jan 1, 2009
Simple generator of relay recipient map for basic secondary MX

A common problem with a secondary MX server for simple mail domains is the back-scatter spam. The spammer sends a mail to the secondary MX of a domain, using a non-existant username. If the secondary MX is configured to accept everything for the domain (which is usually the case), it will accept the mail and then try to transmit it to the primary. The primary will see that the username doesn’t exists and bounce the message back to the spoofed FROM, hence spamming it.

Sep 26, 2008
US keyboard with non intrusive easy accents

I’m always using a US keyboard. However, I still often need to write french text with those keyboards, hence needing accents. Of course, I don’t like when what’s written on the keyboard doesn’t match what it does :-)

This provides a custom US keyboard layout for Linux, using unintrusive deadkeys for accents.